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Instruct Integrates Research in Structural Biology Across Europe

BioFlukes: Instruct Integrates Research in Structural Biology Across Europe

Entry by: gautham | Submitted On: 2012-03-01

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Instruct, the dynamic hub of structural biology is established with an intention of pooling scientific and technological resources available across Europe and make them accessible to researchers all over the continent. Instruct creates a single point access to all the necessary technology and expertise in various fields for researchers.

The Instruct community currently has more than 500 scientists registered from over 25 countries and has 15 Instruct centers across Europe allowing access to over 20 percent of their resources through Instruct program while the member states also pay a subscription to meet the operational costs. A single application through Instruct, once accepted allows the researcher to access the best technology and equipments available across Europe, some of which requires huge investments and setting up these equipments in each institute may not be technically as well as economically feasible. In order to access the facilities, members are required to submit their research proposal along with the Instruct application, which will be peer reviewed for scientific and technical feasibility and approval will be granted based on merit and scientific priorities. By promoting cooperation and collaboration among researchers and institutes, Instruct aims to attract the best minds across Europe and promote high-impact research. Instruct network can be accessed here.

Source: Press Office

Keywords: Instruct, Structural Biology, Integrated Biology, research collaboration


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